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David “Elsewhere” Bernal by Zaccho Dance Theatre
September 9, 2008, 4:08 am
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David “Elsewhere” Bernal (born August 2, 1979) is an illusionary dancer from Santa Ana, California. He became known through a viral video clip (Often titled Kolla2001) of himself dancing to Kraftwerk‘s song Expo 2000[1] recorded at the Korean-American talent show Kollaboration in 2001.

The clip showcased Bernal’s characteristic take on the contemporary dance styles of popping and abstract waving. Performances of these dances were rare at the time, and the clip became very popular when it circulated on the internet — so popular that in November 2006 the viral marketing company, The Viral Factory, collated page-impression figures from websites such as YouTube and Google Videos. They determined that, as of November 2006, this video had been viewed over 200 million times, making it the 8th most viewed video.Click here to read more about David


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How can you do this, is my question? He can make is body move in short controlled movements and still make his body move like rubber!

Comment by Frances Farrar

Ahhhh!!! my mind has just beem exploded – the part where he looked like he was in a strobe light!?!? Ahh!!! Wow. How much time and effort he must have put into that.

Comment by Audrey Spinazola

Take that Michael Jackson! His precision is breath taking. Even his finger tips move with command. He really stands out for me in his slowness. He really takes his time and creates a space that feels more like a performance than a dance.

Comment by Jill Vice

So, his style of dance is a type of “Popping” which is derived from Funk and Hip Hop dance.

his style is more along the lines of “Liquid”

and has much of its foundation in similar techniques as mime, isolation especially.

there are quite a few liquid tutorials online, most of them are on the foundations, especially waving, or creating the illusion of a wave traveling from on point of your body, through your body to another.

if any of you want some of the really really basic basics id be happy to show you, just lemme know.

Comment by David Cantor

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