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Turning every which way by Zaccho Dance Theatre
February 15, 2008, 8:58 am
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(Ivan Flipz Velez can do it)


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All I could think about was Xiao Hong saying “Body get down. Body get down!”

Comment by Molly

Its a shame there was such little footwork in this video. The brief moments of it really showed off the b-boys musicality, style, and flow. The majority of the video was really just an acrobatic reel, amazing acrobatics, but would have loved to see a little more dancing.

Comment by Dave Cantor

this style of dance is amasing. The break dancer is like the gladiator of our age.

Comment by christopher keller

Hey Dave. I agree with you. Flipz is definitely skilled out the wazoo. He’s a good bboy, but he’s definitely what I call a trickster more than a classic bboy. He does represent more of a West coast vibe in terms of breaking. West coast bboying is traditionally known for being more power moves and dynamic tricks than maybe East coasters. I’m not saying one is better than the other. And actually a guy by the name of Easy Rock, who is staight West coast, and a favorite of mine, proves my generality inaccurate. My personal bboy hero is Ken Swift. He’s an original Rock Steady Crew member and old school NYC flavor. It doesn’t get much realer than him. Here’s two clips of him if anyone’s interested. The first is him talking about some street philosophy of bboying, and the second is a great example of the fire involved in uprock battling, an intense way of settling animosity between dancers without getting hurt or arrested……that is if the dancers don’t decide to take it outside afterwards!!

Comment by keith elijah fasciani

The acrobatics are really amazing. I was surprised to see that there weren’t any clips from America’s Best Dance Crew in it.

Comment by Frances Farrar

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