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Bodymass in motion by Zaccho Dance Theatre
February 15, 2008, 6:24 am
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(watch Steve Paxton)

When an apple fell on his head, Newton was inspired to describe the three laws of motion, that carry his name. … In his attempt to be objective, Newton overlooked the question of how it feels to be the apple. When we put our bodymass in motion, we raise above the law of gravity and go towards the swinging, circulating attraction of the centrifugal force. Dancers ride upon, and play with these forces. – Steve Paxton (1987)


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This guy drives me crazy to watch. I feel like he never relaxes or releases his shoulders, and has developed this specific way of turning that works with that. It’s very interesting to watch, and I like the twisting action that’s happening in his neck (THIS is your neck….. THIS is your neck) but it had so many elements of tension in it that it stressed my body out to watch it.

The only turn he does that doesn’t make me clench my shoulders in commiserative agony is at 1:49 and the awful series of shoulder isolations just before that nearly blinded me to it.

In fact – I feel like he’s pretty much a perfect example of someone who has a lot of muscles, but does NOT have his arms grounded in his back.

Comment by Molly

I love this video!

He seems so consumed by the dance. Thats how i yearn to feel when i dance. Sometimes i hit it, usually when im freaking out at a dubstep show, but there is something so blissful about loosing yourself in the music and motion, like he so clearly is.

There is something to say about the tension that he carries, but i feel that it is his intention. Just as he has very good technique, but purposely pushes to a place that may be “sloppier” or not as clean, but carries different value than a more relaxed, or more controlled performance.

Comment by Dave Cantor

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